Our COVID Policies


  • If you are sick, have a fever or any other symptoms, please stay home. If you are living with someone who has symptoms, please stay home. If you are waiting on COVID test results, please stay home.
  • Dress for class at home. Dressing rooms will not be available.
  • Bring your dance shoes and face mask (and water bottle if needed) in one small bag.


  • Please wait in your car until 5 minutes before your scheduled class time.  
  • We prefer that students come in alone. Younger students may be escorted in by one adult, but then we ask that they return to their vehicle until class is over.
  • The front door will be open to promote ventilation and air flow. There will be fans in the lobby to circulate air.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available as you come in as well as throughout the studio at all times.


  • Seating, vending machines, water fountains and the play area are not available at present.
  • Studio doors will remain open at all times for a touch-less environment to promote air flow.
  • UV-C lights have been placed in our ventilation system to kill all viruses and bacteria. We are confident that our students are being made as safe as possible.
  • Restrooms will be regularly monitored and sanitized.


  • Please place bag along the wall after removing your shoes.
  • All classrooms have been marked for social distancing, please go to a shape and put on your shoes to begin class. We can safely accommodate 33 in the large studio, 22 in the middle studio and 18 in the small studio. We will not be dancing in patterns or formations or across the floor at this time. All steps will be practiced in place.
  • All teachers will be wearing masks. We expect all students to wear them as well.


  • Classes will be released 10 minutes early to provide time for cleaning and to reduce the number of people in the building at one time.

Of course, these are our guidelines for now. We will adapt as the situation changes. We ask that you allow us some flexibility as we have never had this kind of experience before. If you have questions or concerns, please email Patti at pwilley@thacademyofdance.com.

Also, to further reduce contact, Academy of Dance is in the process of going paperless. All registration is to be conducted through email. To ensure that we have your most current information on hand, please complete one of our registration forms and send it in to the studio.