Spring Concert Information for Dancers & Parents

AKA Everything You Ever Wanted to know about the THAD Spring Concert but were Afraid to Ask

Note from Patti

This is the time when I want to celebrate all you have learned and all we have accomplished together this year.

Instead, I present you with a lot of “musts” and “don’ts”! The reality is, however, that the details do matter; they make the difference between a show looking polished and running smoothly or being sloppy and disorganized. So, here’s a list of rules designed to address those all-important details. I ask you to read through this information thoroughly and carefully and follow all the instructions to the letter. It really will make it easier for everyone!

Oh, and by the way, I do celebrate all of you! I am proud of what we have achieved together. Thanks to all of you — dancers and parents — this year’s Spring Concert promises to be a terrific and entertaining show.

Happy Dancing!

The Schedule

Dress Rehearsal: Thursday June 1st 2:00-9:00 pm at ISU’s Tilson Auditorium (200 N. Third Street, behind Tirey Hall)

Below please see your specific times for rehearsal. This is the start time for dancers to be on the stage, so arrive early to change into your first costume. One parents may accompany each student.

2:00: Beginning Dance and Pre-Technique Classes

3:00: Grand Finale Practice for ALL Students

4:00: Rehearsal for students in 1st grand and up. We will run the show in order. Beginning Dance and Pre-Technique students may leave at this time; however, you are welcome to stay and watch the show!

Performances: Friday, June 2. Dancers Arrive 5:00 and Curtain goes up at 6:00; Saturday, June 3. Dancers Arrive 4:00 and Curtain goes up at 5:00


  • Any alterations or adjustments to costumes must be completed prior to the dress rehearsal. Costumes must be wrinkle-free, on hangers (preferably in garment bags) and carried to the theater for both dress rehearsal and performance.
  • Please make sure the dancer’s name is on all pieces of the costumes.
  • Dancers must arrive at the theater wearing street clothes; under no circumstances is anyone allowed to wear costumes to the theater.
  • No underwear is worn with costumes. Yes, you read that right. You’ll get used to it. Really. Dancers with many changes may wear a nude camisole leotard with nude or clear straps.
  • Absolutely no jewelry and no nail polish may be worn.
  • Please bring an extra pair of tights in case of an accidental run in the pair provided with your costume (and try really had not to the need the extra). Extra tights will be available for purchase in the ballroom.
  • The Dressing Room Manager will have an emergency kit available for tears, holes, etc.
  • PRO TIP: If you have to change tights during the show, try this instead — wear your tights in layers. For instance, you need pink for ballet and tan for jazz. Put on the tan first and pink over them. After ballet, just peel off the pink and you’re ready to go! It’s much easier than trying to put tights on a sweaty body!


  • All shoes must be clean and/or polished and have clean ribbons (if applicable). Soft Scrub works well on white or pink leather. Canvas ballet slippers can be washed in the washer.
  • Ballet shoes must be pink. Tap and jazz shoes must be black.
  • Beginning Dance, Pre-Technique and Modern dancers should have slip-on shoes or sandals to wear from the dressing area to the stage door as the route takes them outside through a parking area.
  • Make sure the dancer’s name is inside all shoes.


  • Each class will be given instructions about how hair is to be worn.
  • Hair should be done at home prior to coming to the auditorium for both dress rehearsal and performances.
  • Assigned headpieces only. No decorative barrettes or clips are to be worn. Use hair pins or barrettes that match your hair color.
  • There will be kits in the ballroom and dressing areas with hair spray, extra hair pins, etc. for touch ups.


  • All girls are to wear blush, eye shadow and RED lipstick.
  • Older girls wear foundation, mascara and eyeliner.
  • Because stage lights wash out facial features, all makeup should be applied a little heavier than street make up. However, too much makeup can look gaudy and high the natural beauty of the dancers.
  • Makeup, except lipstick, should be applied at home before the dress rehearsal and performances. Lipstick should be applied after costumes are on.
  • Please wear makeup at dress rehearsal EXACTLY as you intend to wear it for the show. Appropriateness of makeup will be checked at the dress rehearsal and any necessary changes made at that time.
  • There will be makeup kits in the ballroom and dressing areas for emergencies.
  • BOYS: See Patti for special instructions.

About Dress Rehearsal

FACT ONE: For the show to be terrific, taking time for a thorough dress rehearsal is crucial

FACT TWO: Dress rehearsals are very long and very tedious. when you’re ready to tear your hair out from boredom and frustration, please refer to fact one. My apologies in advance… and my thanks for your patience.

  • Rehearsal will begin promptly to avoid going into overtime.
  • Only one adult per dancer may attend the dress rehearsal. Siblings and extra family members are distractions. Everyone’s full attention will speed up the rehearsal process.
  • Stage Moms will be in the auditorium and will guide the class backstage during rehearsal. Parents are responsible for their children at all other times. Find your Stage Mom when you arrive and sit as a group. If you are in two or more dances, find the Stage Mom for your first dance in the show.
  • Dressing Room arrangements will be made at this time. Parents that are accompanying the students may remain in the auditorium to watch rehearsal.
  • Please bring snacks and drinks with you but avoid anything that can stain costumes. Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium, but you may eat in the lobby. Please clean up after yourself after!

About Performances

  • One hour before showtime, dancers should be arriving at their assigned changing areas wearing street clothes and full stage hair and makeup. If necessary, they can come earlier. Do not wear costumes to the theater. For the audience, anticipation about what’s to come is part of the magic of the theater. One simple way to maintain the magic is to carry costumes in garment bags so they are invisible to audience members you may pass on the way.
  • Parents please provide dry snacks and clear drinks for your student each evening. We will not have snacks.
  • Parents are to sign their child in with their designated stage mom, help them settle and then leave.
  • ONLY VOLUNTEERS will remain with the dancers. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  • Once dancers are in their designated dressing areas and in costumes, they are to remain there. No dancer is allowed in the lobby once seating has begun. Runners will be available if you need to get a message to someone.
  • Fifteen minutes before showtime, Prelude Witch, Prelude Glenda, Wizard, Flying Monkeys, Dorothy, Aunt Em, Miss Gultch will be called to the stage.
  • After the show, one female family member must sign out your dancer with the stage moms before leaving. Other family members please wait in the lobby for your children. For the safety and privacy of the dancers, NO ONE ELSE will be allowed in the dressing areas for any reason. This rule will be strictly enforced. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE NEAR YOUR CHILD DURING THE SHOW, PLEASE CONSDIER VOLUNTEERING TO BE A STAGE MOM.

Video Taping and Photography

  • A professional video will be taped during both performances and is available for purchase.
  • Parents: If you also wish to make a video, it is preferable that you do so at dress rehearsal. People will be milling about the auditorium anyway so blocking the view of others is not as much of an issue. If you video during the performance, please be discreet. People running up and down aisles is disruptive for the dancers as well as the audience. Please be courteous to all.
  • Flash photography is strictly prohibited during the performances for the safety of the dancers. Flashes can be blinding and quite distracting.

A Few Theater Traditions

  • Performers are often given flowers following a performance. Parents, while flowers can’t be presented to the dancers on the stage, it might be nice to receive them in the lobby afterward (HINT)
  • Entering, leaving or moving around the auditorium for any reason is only acceptable between dancers, never during. It’s a matter of courtesy to the performers as well as others in the audience.
  • Unlike sporting events, at theater performances dashing for the exit before the final applause is totally uncool.
  • The traditional good luck wish for actors is “break a leg.” Dancers say “merde” (rhymes with cared), a french word meaning… well, never mind the literal translation. It’s used to exlaim, something like “oh geez!”