2022-2023 Class Schedule

Tuesday, September 6, 2022-Thursday, May 24, 2023

Monday4:15-5:30 Ballet IV (6th Grade and up) — Must have Director’s approval to enroll
Monday4:30-5:15Pre-Ballet I (1st Grade)
Monday5:15-6:00Jazz/Tap I (1st Grade)
Monday5:30-6:00Pointe I/II — Must have Director’s approval to enroll
Monday6:15-7:45Ballet V (9th Grade and up) — Must have Director’s approval to enroll
Monday6:15-6:45Beginning Dance II (4-5 years old)
Monday6:45-7:30Tap III (7th and 8th Grade)
Monday7:45-8:15Pointe III (9th Grade and up) — Must have Director’s approval to enroll
Monday8:15-9:15Performance Ensemble C (9th-12th Grade)
Tuesday4:00-5:00Ballet I (3rd and beginning 4th graders)
Tuesday4:00-5:00Ballet II (4th Grade with prior ballet experience)
Tuesday5:00-5:45Tap II (5th and 6th Grade)
Tuesday5:00-5:45Jazz I (3rd and 4th Grade)
Tuesday5:45-6:15Tap I (3rd and 4th Grade)
Tuesday5:45-6:30Jazz II (5th and 6th Grade)
Tuesday5:45-6:15Beginning Dance (3-4 years old)
Tuesday6:30-7:30Ballet III (5th and 6th Grade)
Wednesday4:00-4:30Beginning Dance (4-5 years old)
Wednesday4:00-4:30Beginning Dance (3-4 years old)
Wednesday4:30-5:15Pre-Ballet II (2nd Grade)
Wednesday5:15-6:00Tap IV (9th Grade and up)
Wednesday5:15-6:00Jazz/Tap II (2nd Grade)
Wednesday6:00-7:00Jazz IV (9th Grade and up)
Wednesday6:00-6:45Pre-Technique (Kindergarten)
Wednesday7:00-8:00Jazz III (6th Grade and up)
Wednesday7:00-8:15Modern III (9th Grade and up)
Thursday4:00-5:00Modern I (3rd-5th Grade)
Thursday5:00-6:00Performance Ensemble A (3rd-5th Grade)
Thursday5:00-5:45Pre-Technique (Kindergarten)
Thursday6:00-7:00Performance Ensemble B (6th-8th Grade)
Thursday7:00-8:00Adult Dance
Thursday7:00-8:00Modern II (6th-8th Grade)