The 2020 Spring Concert Info and Show Breakdown

We will be performing our show broken up into small sections on Saturday, July 25th.  We will begin late morning and end early evening.  The exact schedule of times will be sent out soon, but for now we are asking that you clear the day for this big event!

Each section with be approximately 30 minutes. After each section, we will have to take a break to clean the auditorium and prepare for the next one. Everyone in the audience will have to leave the auditorium – even if they are coming back for the next section.

Here is the breakdown of the show:

Section 1: Before Wonderland — Dancers arrive 11:00 a.m. – Curtain up 12:00 p.m.

Cast Call List:

Alice’s Friends in the Park, Dinah the Cat, Dinah’s Kittens, Alice’s Sister, Alice (all day), Clouds, The White Rabbit (all day), Performance Ensemble A and Performance Ensemble B

Section 2: Welcome to Wonderland — Dancers arrive 12:30 – Curtain up 1:15

Cast Call List:

Little Ducks, Cardinals, Eaglets, Lories, The Dodo Bird, The Caucus Race, Little Caterpillars, Smoke Rings, Caterpillar, Little Butterflies

Section 3: Deeper Into Wonderland — Dancers arrive 1:30 – Curtain up 2:15

Cast Call List:

Butterflies, The Duchess, The Cook, Fish Footmen, Mimsy Borogoves, Forest Creatures, Jabberwocky, Adult Dance, Cheshire Cat

Section 4: We’re All Mad Here/Welcome to the Garden of Talking Flowers — Dancers arrive 2:30 – Curtain up 3:15

Cast Call List:

Mad Hatter, March Hare, Mad Hatter’s Posse, March Hare’s Posse, Teacups, Bread and Butterfly, Daisies and the Weed, Lady Bugs, Irises, Hummingbirds

Section 5:  The Garden of Talking Flowers and Some Very Interesting Characters — Dancers arrive 3:30 – Curtain up 4:15

Cast Call List:

Baby Bumblebees, Bees, Snapdragons, Waterlilies, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, The Walrus, The Carpenter, Little Oysters, The Mock Turtle, The Griffin, Lobsters

Section Six: The Queen of Heart’s Court — Dancers arrive 4:30 – Curtain up 5:30

Cast Call List:

The Queen of Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Royal Children, Royal Courtiers, Flamingos, Performance Ensemble C

Although no stage moms are needed this year, we will be asking for volunteers to help with traffic flow in and out of the theater as well as those that can help us sanitize the seats in between sections of the show. A volunteer form will be sent out soon.

By the way, it is not too late to return to the studio and be a part of this experience! However, we will need to know as soon as possible so that we can make sure we stay within the 250 people guideline. Contact if you have questions.

We are excited that our students will have the opportunity to perform on the big stage so that each student gets to have the experience of dancing with and among the other students with an appreciative audience!

Alumni: visit our new alumni facebook page — we’d love to hear from you!