Costume Picture Day 2020: July 10

As you are all aware, we are in uncharted territories and nothing about life right now is quite “normal.” Costume Picture Day will be conducted differently from previous years, and I wanted to go over just a few things with you so we can ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

-Please follow Patti and Richard’s guidelines for entering the dance studio. The same guidelines she has posted for current classes will be in effect for picture day to limit the amount of people in the studio at one time. Please bring the children in costume and picture-ready for their first picture. We would like to keep all changing in the studio to a bare minimum.

-Please fill out your order form and have payment ready in exact amount to send in with your dancer on picture day in the envelope provided. This year we will not be handling any money or forms on photo day. We are only accepting cash and checks this year, in exact amounts, to avoid contact with money and sharing a tablet/card/stylus pen. I will sort through the paperwork in the days following when I’m able to wear gloves. The less contact, the safer we all are. 😊 Thank you for your understanding.

-Just like in years past, you may make one check out for multiple orders (if you wish), but you do need one form filled out for each dance class for which you are ordering a photo. Please keep your pink copy from each form. This is your receipt. Your dancer will hand In their envelope containing the form and money when he or she gets a photo taken.

-On the order form where it says “Class,” please write the dance description (for example “Little Ducks”).

-Please notice that anything below the Memory Mate on the order form is an add-on and may only be added on to a package or Memory Mate. The exception we make each year is if you’d like to purchase a 5×7 or 8×10 of the group photo. Please circle your choices for add-ons.

We appreciate your cooperation and your loyalty each and every year! Dance Picture Days is always one of my favorite weeks of the year and although this year is different, I’m happy to be able to continue the tradition! Please contact me with any questions you may have! Email is the best method to reach me!


Chelsea Wilson


Picture TimeClass Day/TimeDance Description
9:00 AMMonday 6:00 Beginning DanceDinah’s Kittens
9:15Tuesday 5:00 Beginning DanceLIttle Ducks
9:30Tuesday 6:30 Beginning Dance AND Saturday 9:45 Beginning DanceDaisies and the Weed
9:45Wednesday 4:00 Beginning DanceBaby Bumblebees
10:00Thursday 6:15 Beginning DanceTeapots
10:15BREAK: 15 Minutes
10:30Wednesday 6:00 Pre-TechniqueLittle Lobsters
10:45Thursday 3:45 Pre-Technique and Saturday 10:15 Pre-TechniqueFlamingos
11:00Saturday 10;15 Pre-BalletHummingbirds
11:15Wednesday 3:45 Pre-BalletLittle Butterflies
11:30BREAK: 30 Minutes
12:00 PMWednesday 4:30 Pre-Ballet IISmoke Rings
12:15Saturday Jazz/Tap IEaglets
12:30Wednesday 4:30 Jazz/Tap ILittle Oysters
12:45Wednesday 5:15 Jazz/Tap IIBees
1:00Tuesday 3:45 Ballet I and Tuesday 4:45 Ballet IRoyal Children
1:30BREAK: 15 Minutes
1:45Tuesday 4:00 Ballet IILady and Gentleman Bugs
2:00Monday 5:30 Modern IIMimsy Borogoves
2:15Monday 4:30 Modern ICaterpillars
2:30Tuesday 5:45 Tap IFish Footmen
2:45Tuesday 7:00 Jazz/Hip Hop IILories
3:00Tuesday 5:00 Jazz/Hip Hop IForest Creatures
3:15Performance Ensembles A, B and CRed Leotards
3:30BREAK: 30 Minutes
4:00Thursday 5:00 Ballet IIIIrises
4:15Monday 5:30 Tap IISpades
4:30Monday 7:30 Tap IIIClubs
4:45Saturday 10:00 Ballet IVSnapdragons
5:00Wednesday 5:30 Ballet IVAlice’s Friends
5:15Wednesday 7:30 Jazz/Hip Hop IIIJabberwocky
5:30BREAK: 15 Minutes
5:45Adult TapDiamonds
6:00Wednesday 7:00 AND Saturday 11:15 Pointe I/IIButterflies
6:15Thursday 7:00 Adult DanceStray Cat Strut
6:30Monday 6:30 Modern III AND Thursday 6:00 Modern IV AND Thursday 8:15 Modern VClouds
7:15Tuesday 6:15 Ballet VRoyal Courtiers
7:30Monday 7:30 Ballet VIWaterlilies
7:45Tuesday 7:45 Pointe II/IIICardinals
8:00Wednesday 7:30 Tap IVHearts
8:15Tuesday 8:15 Jazz IV AND Wednesday 8:30 Jazz VThe March Hare and Mad Hatter’s Posses
8:30-?All the characters