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Costume Picture Days


May 14
May 15
May 16

Costume Inspection Week & Costume Picture Days

 Costume Inspection Week – May 6th – May 9th

Costume Picture Days – May 14th - May 16th


·         Monday, May 6th  – Thursday May 9th is “Costume Inspection Week”.  Please bring your costume to your lesson(s) that week to make sure all appropriate alterations have been made.  Tights will be distributed that week and hair and make-up will be discussed.

·         Stapp Wilson Photography will be here at the studio to photograph dancers in their Spring Concert Costumes on Tues, May 14th, Wed. May 15th, and Thurs. May 16th.  A group photo of each dance will be taken, as well as individual photos of all dancers. 

·         Please check the schedules for you or your child’s assigned picture time(s).  Group and individual pictures will be taken during the scheduled period for each dance.

·         Order form(s) will be distributed during costume inspection week. The “Memory Mate” includes one 5x7 group photo and one 3 ˝ x5 individual photo in a special folder.  Other packages are available.  There is no obligation to purchase pictures.  If you do not intend to buy pictures, please come and be part of the group photo(s).  They will be displayed at Academy of Dance, and we want everyone to be part of the memories!

·         Order forms must be filled out prior to the assigned picture time.  You will not be able to see a proof of your photo prior to ordering.  A separate order form is needed for each dance you or your child is in.  Additional order forms will be available the day of pictures.

·         Please be prompt.  Please allow plenty of time for travel (i.e. traffic, trains, etc.).  In years past we have been terribly off schedule due to waiting for latecomers.  This year, unfortunately, we cannot wait for you if you are late.  Please be in costume with your completed order form ten minutes prior to your scheduled time.  With everyone’s cooperation, we will be able to stick to the schedule!

·         Studios B & C as well as the dressing rooms will be used for the changing areas.

·         Orders will be ready approximately 3-4 weeks after they are taken.


Stapp Wilson Photography phone number – (812) 249-1551



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